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SteelTraK -The Foster Keencut SteelTraK vertical cutter cuts even the thickest materials- up to 4mm Dibond flawlessly. Each of the three attached tools cuts on the same line. No mistakes, no special operator knowledge, no color coded production stops. Just turn the wheel and the Utility Blade, Scoring Blade, and Twin Wheel Cutting Head is ready. Accessory items include the new V-Groove Cutting Tool for POP and architectural signs and the Aluminum Twin Wheel Cutting Wheel which can cut up to .040" Aluminum. Smart-X video | Order DigiMaxx™ | Learn More

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You work in a fast paced business environment. When you need product, you need it to meet your schedules. Your cash flow, your production efficiency and your success depend on it. Harbor carries stock in depth to support your success.


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You don't work 9 to 5 - so we provide 24 hour access to the services you need. When you need product cut to size, we turn your order around in 24 hours. When you need full high definition digital machining, we provide it in a hurry. We work nights and weekends so you won't have to.  
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You always need to know two things - When? and How Much? Harbor always gives you both answers. You always know when to expect your delivery on every order. Your price is always the full price delivered to your door, no freight, no hidden charges. Simple - your price per item, delivered to your door.            
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