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Sending Corel Draw Files


  1. Complete your design, double check your work
  2. It’s a good idea to save  a copy of your design file in the format and location that you normally would for any design, for future reference and use.

  3. Open your design file.

  4. Click on and highlight ALL of the design elements

  5. Right click and select Convert to Curves, when ask select AI as your file type.

  6. Pull down the File menu, and select Save As. Rename the file (this can be as simple as adding the word harbor behind the current file name.  Save the file in AI format.
  7. Pull down the file menu, and select Export.  Export the file as an AI file , make sure that the bullets are selected for Curves and compatibility.EPS.
  8. The Export function will ask you for a folder location, put the file where you desire.
  9. Saving as a PDF is optional, but it will provide your digital team with a complete picture of your design and may save time in producing your quotation.
  10. With the design file open, pull down the file menu, and select restyle for PDF, then select publish as PDF.
  11. Save the PDF in a convenient file location.
Sending Your Corel  files -
  1. Start a new e-mail and address it to   
  2. Select attach or insert file, select the design file that was saved as an AI file and attach it to the e-mail
  3. Select attach or insert file again, and attach the PDF version to the e-mail
  4. In the body of your e-mail please include :
  • Your company name and contact person
  • Job name or purchase order number
  • Material to be machined (type, color, thickness, size, etc
  • The overall size of the design
  • Any information or comments you want your digital machining team to be aware of.
  • Click on Send, and your team at Harbor will take care of the rest.