Thank you for your orders!

We know you work in a fast paced and competitive business environment and we are honored every time you rely on Harbor to provide the products and services than your business demands.

Our Job is to help you be more successful than you already are !
Providing you with first class products and services has been Harbor’s #1 priority since 1931! At Harbor that means providing you with exactly what you need to make your business a success- When You Need It. Harbor is a stocking wholesale distributor with inventory in our warehouses representing over 18,000 different items. We stock to meet your needs. Our digital machining services allow us to save you time and money by providing the precise cutting and three axis machining services that meet your needs. We can cut and machine in three dimensions to produce exactly the size and shape that your job demands.

About Your Team at Harbor
Harbor opened for business in 1931, when all orders were written and confirmed by US Mail. Yes, that meant no phone orders were accepted. Your team at Harbor has grown over the years; first using telegrams, then teletype, telephones, faxes, 800 numbers, websites, and today fully interactive business to business portal. Even with all of those changes, our mission has not changed: carry the products and provide the services that help make our customers successful. Thanks to you, Harbor is continuing to grow, and that means more products and more services to meet your needs. Anytime you can’t find what you need, or develop a new requirement for your business success, just let your team at Harbor know what you need and when. Your entire team at Harbor is at your service. You’re always welcome to work with us through your portal, send us an e, give us a call, or visit us in person. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Thanks for your orders!

Your virtual stockroom
Harbor functions as your virtual stockroom and your business portal is available 24/7 to provide the information on what you have available. The information is detailed. Exact quantities on hand with up to date pricing, lead times for special items, technical details, how to information, safety data, are all available instantaneously through your business portal. Having trouble finding the information you need? Put your team at Harbor to work for you. Send us an e-mail. Send us a fax. Give us a call at 800-345-1712; we’re on the line from 7:00am thru 7:00pm EST. We may monitor calls for quailtiy assurance and training purposes. Just let us know what you’re looking for; product, service, information, ideas, whatever the subject, we’ll do our best to get back to you with an answer before the close of the same business day.

Can’t find it?
Anytime you can’t find the product, service or answer you need, just send us an email or give us a call at 800-345-1712, we’re at your service.

Prices for products and services shown on your portal are current at the time of viewing. All prices are subject to change without notice, including changes that could occur between screen viewings.

  • Order Pricing - once you have submitted an order for products and/or services, your prices, as shown on your order confirmation are guaranteed not to change.
  • Quotations - Quotations created by you or by your Harbor Customer Service Representative must be saved as a quotation on your portal. Once saved, quotation prices are valid for a period of 20 days. Quotations are considered in their entirety. That is, quantities, items, services, delivery method, terms, shipping address and billing address are considered a part of the quotation. A quotation may be converted to an order an anytime within the 20 day period. When an quotation is converted and submitted as an order in its entirety, your quoted prices are guaranteed. Any changes to the quotation data, prior to order submission can result in changes in pricing.

  • Payment Information
  • Credit/Debit Cards - You are welcome to use your credit/Debit cards to pay for your transactions with Harbor. Harbor accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and select government debit/credit instruments. You are welcome to store your credit/debit card information through your portal to make ordering an easier process. Harbor does NOT store your credit card data. To insure maximum security of your sensitive data, your credit/debit account data is stored directly on secure servers at the payment gateway provider, protected by industry leading encryption methods and security protocols.
  • Commercial Terms Accounts - Harbor provides commercial terms accounts for approved commercial accounts. To establish a commercial terms account for your business, log on to your portal, open the business tools tab and click on credit application. You may fill out the form and submit it on line, or print the form and either fax or mail your application to Harbor. Requests for commercial terms are normally processed within 7 business days.
  • EFT - Commercial customers who have established a commercial terms account are encouraged to pay invoices on line. On line payment can be accomplished with credit cards or thru electronic funds transactions (e-checks). EFT payments save you time and effort, and make paying invoices an easy and secure process. Open the business tools tab for information on EFT or contact your Harbor Representative for answers to any questions you may have. Commercial terms customers who prefer can submit timely payment for invoices with a paper check through the US Mail
  • COD - Harbor does not accept COD orders

  • International orders
    International customers are requested to contact Harbor for details concerning payment specific to their country.

    Sales Tax
    State Sales and Use taxes - Harbor is required to collect state sales and use taxes on all orders shipped to customers located in the following states: CT, MD, NC, NJ, OH, PA, VA and some additional locations. Applicable sales and use taxes will be automatically calculated for you and added to the bottom line of your order.

    Sales Tax exemptions
    Commercial customers who have been issued and maintain a valid resale sales tax certificate may exercise their sales and use tax exemptions under the following conditions:
  • The customer must provide Harbor with a written copy of a valid resale tax certificate issued to the customer by the state in which sales and use taxes would otherwise apply. The copy may be provided by PDF e-mail attachment, fax transmission, through the US mail or given directly to a Harbor representative
  • The customer maintains his concern and his exemption in an active status and agrees to inform Harbor immediately should his certificate be revoked.
  • The customer certifies to Harbor that his use of the certificate is within the prevue of the applicable statutes
  • All orders will be accessed applicable sales and use tax charges until the provisions of #1 thru #3 have been completed

  • Minimum Orders
    There is no order minimum. We are pleased to provide you with exactly what you need. Quantity discounts are available for multiple item and larger volume order that will reduce your costs, but you are able to order in any quantity that meets your requirements

    All orders are subject to stock availability at time of order. Prices shown on your portal are current at time of viewing and subject to change without notice. All line item extensions on orders and invoices include applicable delivery costs if applicable.

    The merchandise purchased by Harbor customers is produced in conformance with the manufacturer’s description. As distributors Harbor makes no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. Our liability for defective material is limited to the invoice value of the material we furnish. The cost of refinishing and or installation is not included. Customers are relied on to fully investigate the material they purchase, determine the product’s suitability for each application, and to conduct tests to insure appropriate use.

    Delivery Information
    “In Stock” products
    The inventory is in stock at a Harbor facility. Orders received by 5:30pm EST on normal business days will be processed, and shipped the following business day. If your order is time critical, you are welcome to contact Harbor at 800-345-1712 to confirm the shipping and delivery schedule for your order

    “Ships in “x” days”
    The inventory is normally enroute to Harbor, or Harbor maintains a fast track supply of the item. Your order will be shipped within the number of business days shown in the product listing. For time critical orders, please contact Harbor at 800-345-1712 to confirm the shipping and delivery schedule for your order.

    “Call for Availability”
    The inventory is availability but a specific lead time has not yet been determined. Simply give Harbor a call at 800-345-1712 and your Harbor representative will be able to determine a shipping date for your order.

    Damaged Goods
    if your shipment arrives damaged - REFUSE THE SHIPMENT COMPLETELY Do not accept obviously damaged goods. Don’t worry about what the driver may want or say, refuse the shipment and mark the delivery paperwork refused- damaged. Then call Harbor as soon as possible.

    Missing Orders
    If your order doesn’t arrive on the date you expected delivery, call Harbor immediately. We’ll handle getting your order to you as quickly as possible

    Limited Hassle Adjustment Program
    No matter what the challenge or problem, Harbor is here to help. Call us as soon as you can. The sooner you let us know you have a challenge, the sooner we can get a solution in place for you.

    Step 1 - Have as much information available as possible. We’ll need to know the Harbor order number and a brief description of what the challenge is.

    Step 2 - Let us know what happened:

    Concealed damages - damage that you had to open the package to see.
  • Take a digital picture of the product and the packaging.
  • Give us your idea of what you think may have happened
  • We’ll replace the damaged goods for you as soon as possible.
  • We may ask you to return the damaged goods to us for inspection and use in our QC program.

  • Manufacturer defect - The product doesn’t meet the manufacturers description.
  • Tell us exactly what isn’t right
  • Take a digital picture of the product indicating the defect where possible
  • If the product has any markings on the product or the packaging, please write down that information.
  • Harbor will contact the manufacturer for you, and request the quickest solution possible.
  • Once the manufacturer has been notified, Harbor will arrange for a replacement shipment
  • The manufacturer may make an onsite inspection or require return of the defective item.

  • Not what I ordered - I ordered “x” and I received something else.
  • Take a digital picture of what you received, it may help us figure out what happened
  • Once we know what you have, we will arrange for immediate shipment of what you ordered.
  • We may ask you to return the original item and will provide instructions for shipping.

  • Just don’t need what I ordered - The material is what I ordered, but I don’t want to keep it.
  • It happens
  • Harbor will accept return of items purchased within the last 30 days when they are returned in original condition, sellable as new and in original packaging
  • 20% restocking charge will be applied to all returned items
  • Do not return any materials to Harbor without first receiving shipping instructions and an RGA #.

  • NOTES:
  • Do not return any material to Harbor without shipping instructions and an RGA #
  • All sales are considered final after 30 days
  • Questions, concerns, challenges – call us 800-345-1712.

  • Making you more successful

    Our job is to help you be more successful than you already are. At anytime that you want to register a complaint, make a recommendation, make a request or just make a comment. Please do! We love working with customers to help make things even better. If you want us to stock a specific product for you, change something on your portal, provide more information, handle something a different way, we’re listening and we’ll follow through. We’re here to make business better, let us know your ideas, we can’t improve without your help.